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Ordinary Council Meeting


Alby Schultz Centre, Cootamundra


6:00 PM, Tuesday 27th October, 2020


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Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

27 October 2020




Order Of Business


8          General Manager’s Report. 5

8.9            Facilities. 5

8.9.2        Gundagai Sporting Ground User Groups. 5


Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

27 October 2020


8            General Manager’s Report

8.9        Facilities

8.9.2      Gundagai Sporting Ground User Groups




Andrew Brock, Manager Facilities


Phillip McMurray, General Manager  


1. A vibrant and supportive community: all members of our community are valued

1.2 Public spaces provide for a diversity of activity and strengthen our social connections




There are no Financial implications associated with this report.


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1.       Gundagai Cricket Club - Financial contributions

2.       Gundagai- Adelong Junior Rugby League - Financial contributions    



1.      The Report on the Gundagai Sporting User Groups be received and noted.

2.      The Gundagai Cricket Club - Financial contributions and the Gundagai- Adelong Junior Rugby League - Financial contributions be received and noted.

3.      The proposed fees detailed in the report be considered by Council.



At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held 30th June, 2020 Council resolved (Min. no. 170/2020) to undertake a review of the sporting and recreational ground user fess with three (3) months. Subsequently, consultation was undertaken with the Gundagai Sporting Groups in relation to Council’s proposal to introduce fees and charges for use of the Gundagai sports grounds.


Cr McAlister (Mayor) and Andrew Brock (Manager Facilities) have held meetings with members of the local sporting groups to discuss the proposed introduction of user charges for the use of Gundagai sporting grounds with the objective of sporting ground user fees being applied equally across the local government area. Initial discussions were focused around how the fees could be structured, what type of fee would be introduced, what Council is currently spending on sporting grounds and facilities maintenance, and the overall impact this would have on the affected sporting groups.

Committee members discussed how they currently contribute to the sporting grounds in Gundagai. Due to the sporting grounds being in close proximity to each other the user groups work together to ensure all sporting codes had access to the grounds during their respective seasons. Council has been fortunate of recent times to undertake upgrades to existing facilities and construct new facilities through grant funding and sporting group contributions. The groups wanted to have recognised the amount of volunteer activity undertaken on the grounds and facilities, and financial contributions groups have made over the years to assist in improving the grounds and facilities.  Such information has been provided by the Gundagai Cricket Club and the Gundagai- Adelong Junior Rugby League, attached, for the information of Council.

The sporting groups acknowledge the requirement to introduce a fee to contribute to the overall maintenance of the grounds and facilities. One proposal was to introduce an entrance fee per individual player. The proposed rate would be $10 per senior and $5 per junior, per sporting code. The groups feel that this fee is a reasonable impost to families and shouldn’t deter families from registering their children for sporting activities into the future. Gundagai has a very active community with strong sporting connections which will continue to grow into the future.

Sporting Group Numbers Currently:

Senior League               100    Players

Junior League               240    Players

Cricket                          120    Junior and Senior

Touch Football              144    Men

                                      84      Women

Senior Soccer                18      Players

Junior Soccer                60      Players

Netball Summer           72      Players

              Winter              80      Players

Discussion regarding a user pay system being introduced for the use of power and lighting at the grounds was generally supported. The current system has a 3-hour timer and it was discussed that a swipe tag system, like Fisher Park, could be installed to the existing lighting infrastructure. This would place the responsibility back on to individual clubs to control their usage of lighting, due to the user pay scenario. This was accepted as a positive way forward.

As part of the lighting discussion, it was noted that new LED light towers and other new lights had been installed at the grounds recently, to help contribute lighting efficiency and reduce costs. Further, as part of the recent upgrades, solar panels were installed to 2 buildings in the precinct, which also will assist with lowering electricity costs. Further funding will be investigated with the intention to install additional solar panels on all facilities where possible.

The next Gundagai Sporting Groups meeting will be scheduled if this fee proposal is not accepted by Council and further negotiation with the groups if required.



Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

27 October 2020


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Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

27 October 2020


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