Late Reports

Ordinary Council Meeting


Council Chambers, Gundagai


6:00PM, Tuesday 26th March, 2024


Administration Centres:  1300 459 689




Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

26 March 2024




Order Of Business


6          Mayoral Minutes. 4

6.2            Mayoral Minute - Cootamundra Youth Hub Opening. 4


Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

26 March 2024


6            Mayoral Minutes

6.2         Mayoral Minute - Cootamundra Youth Hub Opening




Charlie Sheahan, Mayor  


Logan Collins, Councillor





The information in the Cootamundra Youth Hub Opening Mayoral Minutes be received and noted.



On Saturday the 23rd of March 2024, the Cootamundra Youth Hub was opened after 4 years of consultation, representation & hard work by the Cootamundra Youth Council (CYC) & CGRC.


The CYC started as an idea between The Hon. Stephanie Cooke, Cindy Smith & Logan Collins on the 19th of February in 2020 for youth representation in both communities with direct involvement with the local council. There was a drive for youth councils to be established across the Cootamundra Electorate & active recruitment for Youth & Inclusion Officers in local councils.


In March of that year, the steering group of the upcoming youth council was formed and worked with Cindy & the newly recruited Youth & Inclusion Officer Cheney Dewar. Cheney, Cindy & the steering committee met regularly to form the youth council and in June of 2020 the CYC was formed and held their first annual general meeting. An executive was formed with the unique titles of Youth Mayor (Logan Collins) & Deputy Youth Mayor (Destini Warren). Council representatives were identified and invited to attend meetings, ensuring a rich and strong relationship between the CYC & CGRC.


The newly formed CYC immediately set out on working on key projects to improve youth engagement in the Cootamundra community such as events during youth week, a career’s and volunteer’s summit, improving mental health accessibility, working with local police to enhance relations & the establishment of a Youth Hub.


Cheney worked diligently on the establishment of the CYC and the groundwork for all of the CYC’s goals and projects. In June of 2021, Cheney finished with the council and handed over to James Tonson as the incoming officer and continued the hard work already put in.


James also worked diligently focusing on funding and grants to really drive the projects the CYC set out to complete. James achieved funding for a Youth Hub in Cootamundra sometime in 2022 and laid the pathway for the project to be achieved before finishing with council in 2023.


Destini Warren, former Deputy Youth Mayor and newly employed Youth & Inclusion Officer, focused on many projects and a highlight of her work is the completion of the Cootamundra Youth Hub. Destini’s involvement with the CYC has been instrumental in bringing the dream of a central hub for youth to light.


It is important to note that three Youth & Inclusion Officers have passionately, diligently and professionally engaged, consulted and committed to establishing youth centres across the council and each has had a strong and unique impact to complete each hub.


Those in attendance of the Cootamundra Youth Hub opening were ecstatic for a spot focused on youth in the centre of town and utilising an important, under-utilised facility bringing more life and vibrancy into the area. There was a sausage sizzle put on by Mission Australia & NSW Police, a video game competition hosted by the CYC, face painting by CADAS, and plenty to do in between.


The Youth Mayor spoke passionately about the future of the CYC and the newly opened Youth Hub referencing the logo of the youth council with the ‘Y’ depicted as a sprout that shows the constant growth and everlasting change the CYC aims to achieve.


Key stakeholders in attendance at the opening was The Hon. Stephanie Cooke, Mayor Charlie Sheahan, Councillors Logan Collins & Leigh Bowden, Youth Mayor Kyle Collins, members of the CYC & Destini Warren.