Amended Report

Ordinary Council Meeting


Council Chambers, Gundagai


6:00 PM, Tuesday 30th March, 2021


Administration Centres:  1300 459 689




Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

30 March 2021




Order Of Business


10       Questions with Notice. 5

10.2          Amended Questions With Notice. 5


Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

30 March 2021




10         Questions with Notice

10.2       Amended Questions With Notice




Marianne McInerney, Executive Assistant to the General Manager


Phillip McMurray, General Manager  



The Amended Questions with Notice from Councillors and related responses from Council officers be noted.



Questions with Notice

The following questions with notice from Councillors have been received with the responses from Council officers provided respectively:

Gil Kelly – Have any projects been identified by Managers to be considered for an application to be  submitted for funding under the anticipated Stronger Country Communities Fund Round4?

Response from Council Officer – Potential projects under consideration: the Gundagai Pool Amenities, Adult change facility and entry upgrade, Jubilee Park Landscape Development; Albert Park Landscape Development; Food Organics, Garden Organics Compost Operations;


Gil Kelly – Is there any ‘shovel ready’ projects currently waiting for a funding source such as the Stronger Country Communities Fund Round4?

Response from Council Officer – There is a list of projects that have funding, have funding pending and those without funding which can be discussed and workshopped with Councillors and staff. Council can propose a date for the workshop to occur.


Gil Kelly – What is the status of the following projects: AFL Clubhouse, Rugby Union Clubhouse and the  Men’s Shed relocation?

Response from Council Officer – Construction work has commenced on the AFL Clubhouse. Contracts have been issued. Rugby Union Clubhouse – works are anticipated to be completed early to mid-April, 2021;  Men’s shed Relocation – final quotes received and under assessment for internal electrical and internal works. Funding for additional concreting and fencing works are yet to be confirmed.


Gil Kelly – What is the status of the Ampol Fuel Depot

Response from Council Officer – A grant of $2m has been applied for to allow a masterplan to be developed and the site made accessible.  For the site to be accessible pathways and connections need to be provided to Council’s existing open spaces and footpaths.  The funding grant also seeks to provide interpretive information, seating, pathways and plantings within the site to meet the guidelines of the funding requirements.


Gil Kelly – What is the status of the following projects: Skate Park Pump Track, Stadium climbing Wall, Pioneer Park, Bradman Oval Cricket nets, Albert Park beautification project and Cootamundra Parker Street upgrade.

Response from Council Officer – Works on the Pump Track are currently scheduled to commence in April, 2021 weather permitting; works on the Stadium climbing Wall are currently scheduled to commence in April, 2021; a scope of works has been completed for Pioneer Park redevelopment. A request for quotes is proposed to be undertaken in April, 2021; a schedule of works has been developed for the Bradman Oval Cricket nets to be implemented in May, 2021; works on the Albert Park beautification project are scheduled for November, 2021 pending construction approval; Cootamundra Parker Street upgrade - Urban Canopees are being installed in the business area; Shelters will be installed when tradespersons are determined.


Gil Kelly – What is the status of the Mackay Street upgrade?

Response from Council OfficerGas main and Communications line relocations are due to commence in early April, 2021. Once those works are completed drainage and kerb works will commence. Commencement on the pavement rehabilitation works will be dependent on the replacement of the kerb and weather conditions permitting.  The water main replacement, along Mackay Street will also impact on scheduling of the roadworks.


Gil Kelly – Please provide a report on the Turners Lane Industrial Development Project detailing what funding has been applied for to finish the development of the site. Furthermore,  detailing    how the $790,000 previously set aside for this project has been spent to date.

Response from Council Officer – An application for the  Turners Lane Industrial Development was submitted on Friday 12th March, 2021 through the federal government’s Building Better Regions Fund Round 5 for approximately $2.4million with the Council contribution being 50% or approximately $1.2million. A further report will be prepared and submitted for the consideration of Council once the outcome of Council’s application has been determined. A copy of the application has been circulated separately to Council.


Gil Kelly – A report be provided to Council as to how plans are progressing at the Cootamundra Waste Facility detailing any progress to modernise the facility given that $1million has been budgeted for this upgrade to be funded from Council’s Waste Reserve.

Response from Council Officer – A formal report will be prepared and submitted to the Ordinary Meeting to be held 27th April, 2021 for the consideration of Council.


Gil Kelly – A report be provided to Council regarding any plans for the green waste matter being held at the Cootamundra Waste Facility detailing how much of the processed matter is currently being held on site, its certification for commercial or private sale and any plans for it to be sold or used by Council.

Response from Council Officer – investigations are being undertaken into the current green waste processing incorporating commercial & industrial waste. The contractor has the relevant equipment to undertake the task, with trials due to commence over the coming months. The outcome expected is to reduce the need for landfill by up to 60%. Trials will be monitored with report to come back to Council at a later date. Cost evaluation will need to be calculated against processing costs versus  landfill costs.


Gil Kelly – A progress report be provided to Council regarding the off leash dog area in Hurley Street, Cootamundra

Response from Council Officer – The reticulated water has been connected with the required pipes and taps. Council is still waiting on licence approval by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)


Gil Kelly – A financial update be provided to Council  reporting if the project is running on time and under, on or over the current budget of $17Million? Are additional sources of funding being investigated for this project? If so, which funding streams have been identified?

Response from Council Officer –Referencing page 2 of Appendix C – Project Finance Summary in item 8.6.2 Gundagai Sewage Treatment Plant February 2021 Progress Report states the predicted financial project cost of $17,945,772. Detailed on page 4 of  Progress Report , attached to the report,  the Gundagai STP project has an approved extension to the 31st July, 2021. Activities surrounding the process tank is slightly behind schedule. Site progress has been impacted by recent inclement weather. The STP construction contract is within the original budget, but completion of overall project scope will require additional funds. Deliverables under the STP contract is in accordance with the contract scope. The project will require additional funding to deliver remaining scopes. It has not yet been determined as to how to fund the predicted final project cost.


Penny Nicholson – Please provide an update on the Nangus Water project.

Response from Council Officer – Investigations being undertaken by Goldenfields Water County Council (GWCC) on how increased demand on water would impact  on current water use have taken longer than expected to finalise. Further meetings between GWCC consultants are yet to be had. A draft report is anticipated to be received early April, 2021. 


Penny NicholsonPlease provide an update on the Gundagai office upgrade.

Response from Council Officer – Construction plans are yet to be finalised. Until these plans have been received works cannot be costed or commence.