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Ordinary Council Meeting


Alby Schultz Meeting Centre, Cootamundra


6:00pm, Tuesday 10th December, 2019


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Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

10 December 2019



Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

10 December 2019



Order Of Business


8          General Manager’s Report. 5

11.......... Technical Services. 5

11.2         Purchase of new Water cart 5


Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

10 December 2019




8            General Manager’s Report

11         Technical Services

11.2       Purchase of new Water cart




Matt Stubbs, Manager Technical Services


Phil McMurray, General Manager  


3. Sustainable natural and built environments: we connect with the places and spaces around us

3.2 Our built environments support and enhance liveability



Purchase of Water Cart in accordance with Plant Replacement Program.


There are no Legislative implications associated with this report.


There are no Policy implications associated with this report.


1.       Evaluation Report for Replacement Plant No3602 -  Water Cart - Confidential (under separate cover)     



1.   Council approve the procurement of the Hino Water Cart from Wagga Trucks for the amount of $238,871.30 (exc. GST) with options noted within the report.

2.   Plant No.3602, a Hino Water Cart, be retained within the Council fleet.



Council recently called a Request For Quotation (RFQ2019-18) for the purchase of a new Water Cart, based in the Gundagai Depot.

Replacement of this plant is being carried out as per, and in accordance with:-

·    2019/20 CGRC Plant Replacement Program.

·    CGRC Procurement Policy (13/10/17)


Operational Requirements

The watercart is located at the Gundagai depot and used by the Technical Operations team for a range of construction and maintenance activities.  

Operational efficiencies can be achieved through retention of plant #3602 which is in good condition and presenting no immediate maintenance concerns. It is proposed to retain this watercart for use with the stabiliser operations, the new water cart will be used in conjunction with roadworks activities and reduce the need to hire in plant externally. The current drought conditions are impacting on the ability to deliver the necessary water for operations in an efficient manner.



A Request for Quotation (RFQ) was advertised through VendorPanel and a total of 6 submissions were received.

Evaluation & Comments

Submissions were evaluated by a panel of three and each submission was allocated a score for a number of criteria in accordance with the table below, results were then weighted and a ranking determined.


Evaluation Criteria

Weighting %



Quality of Vehicle being provided


Aftersales support - accessibility to spare parts, service personnel


Estimated Trade in value of purchased  machine


Provisional components and schedule of rates


Running Costs (including fuel, consumables etc)


Operator Familiarity, ergonomics, WHS considerations and feedback



A confidential Panel Evaluation Report, attached under confidential separate cover, is provided for the information of Council.

The preferred submission after evaluation was that of Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Ltd for the tendered price of $238,871.30 (Exc. GST). This was the cheapest price of the six submissions and the second highest scorer of the non-price evaluation criteria as shown in the attachment under separate cover.

In addition to the base vehicle there are a number of options that have been deemed necessary to purchase by Council’s operations staff. Hino provided two tank supplier quotes from Barry Burrows Engineering and Allquip Water Trucks. The preferred tank is the steel option proposed by Barry Burrows Engineering due to previous satisfactory performance and the preference of a steel tank over polyethylene due to having better resale values, providing ease of reparability and not subject to UV deterioration. The price of the two options are comparable with the Barry Burrows steel option $353 cheaper.


After review of the submitted rates for options the operations team determined the following:

-     Exclude the workshop and parts manuals for a saving of $1,100.

-     Include the water cannon with cordless remote for a cost of $18,000.

-     Include the front galvanised pipe suitable for 3 inch connection to stabiliser and two 65mm fan sprays fitted to front of truck for a cost of $3,000.

-     Include lockable hose boxes full length of tank for a cost of $2,000.

The proposed total investment into the new watercart is $260,771.30 and this amount is within our plant fund budgetary allocation of $300,000.00 for this piece of equipment. There is a decrease in the budget due to not trading in plant #3602 of $15,000, leaving $285,000. After making this purchase there will be a surplus of $24,228.70, it is proposed to use these additional funds to cover this additional expenditure required for the replacement of the 20tonne excavator.