Extraordinary Council Meeting


Council Chambers, Gundagai


9:30 AM, Thursday 17th October, 2019


Administration Centres:  1300 459 689



Extraordinary Council Meeting Minutes

17 October 2019


MINUTES OF Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council
Extraordinary Council Meeting
Council Chambers, Gundagai
Thursday, 17 October 2019 AT 9:30 AM


PRESENT:                 Cr Abb McAlister (Mayor), Cr Dennis Palmer (Deputy Mayor), Cr Leigh Bowden, Cr David Graham, Cr Gil Kelly, Cr Penny Nicholson, Cr Doug Phillips, Cr Charlie Sheahan, Cr Craig Stewart

1            Acknowledgement of Country

The Chairperson acknowledged the Wiradjuri people who are the Traditional Custodians of the Land at which the meeting was held and paid his respects to Elders, both past and present, of the Wiradjuri Nation and extended that respect to other Aboriginal people who were present.

2            Open Forum

Open Forum is not held at Extraordinary Meetings.

3            Apologies


4            Disclosures of Interest


5            Confidential Items

5.1         Closed Council Report

Resolution  350/2019  

Moved:       Cr Leigh Bowden

Seconded:   Cr Dennis Palmer

1.       Item 5.2 be considered in closed Council at which the press and public are excluded in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Local Government Act, 1993 and related public interest reasons detailed.

2.       In accordance with section 11 (2) and (3) of the Local Government Act, 1993, the reports, correspondence and other documentation relating to Item 5.2 be withheld from the press and public.

5.2         General Managers Recruitment

Provisions for Confidentiality

Section 10A (2) (a)  – The Confidential Report contains personnel matters concerning particular individuals (other than councillors).

Public Interest

Not applicable.




Resolution  351/2019  

Moved:       Cr Dennis Palmer

Seconded:   Cr Doug Phillips

Council adjourned closed council meeting at 10:00am.



Resolution  352/2019  

Moved:       Cr Dennis Palmer

Seconded:   Cr Penny Nicholson

Council resume closed council meeting and resolved to enter into committee of the whole at 10:47am




5.2         General Managers Recruitment

Resolution  353/2019  

Moved:       Cr David Graham

Seconded:   Cr Penny Nicholson


Cr Leigh Bowden

Cr Doug Phillips

1.       Council accepts the recommendation of the committee of the whole and resolves to appoint the successful candidate to the position of General Manager subject to the negotiation of a contract;

2.      Council resolves to affix the Council seal to the contract in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993.



5.3         Resumption of Open Council Meeting

Resolution  354/2019  

Moved:       Cr Penny Nicholson

Seconded:   Cr Doug Phillips

The Open Council meeting resume.



5.4         Announcement of Closed Council Resolutions

Note: The Chairperson announced the resolutions made in Closed Council.

The Meeting closed at 1:30 PM.

The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 29 October 2019.



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